Crew briefing made better. Finally.

Welcome to Notamify, AI-based NOTAM decoder. We specialize in transforming complex NOTAM data into precise, human-friendly summaries. Powered by our advanced AI interprets and presents essential NOTAMs tailored specifically to your flight routes. Ready to simplify your pre-flight preparations?

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Simplify Your Pre-Flight Checks

Explore the mechanics behind Notamify's cutting-edge NOTAM briefing system. We begin by accessing real-time NOTAM data via the ICAO API, ensuring you receive the latest flight information. Our system then filters out irrelevant details, leaving only the crucial data. Finally, our AI crafts these into precise, easy-to-understand briefings, custom-fit to your flight plans. Witness this seamless process in action

Pre-Flight Information, Delivered Directly to Your Inbox

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New! Introducing Notamify Briefing Emails — the perfect way to start your day informed. Schedule NOTAM summaries to align with your pre-flight routine, ensuring you're always prepared before you even finish your coffee. Our system sends a tailored, concise briefing directly to your inbox, providing all the necessary flight information at a glance.

Simple pricing for all your needs

At Notamify, we offer straightforward pricing options to suit your needs. Whether you're just getting started or need more briefing requests, we have a plan for you.




Ideal for individuals, and aviation professionals

What’s included
  • Unlimited Notamify Briefings
  • Scheduled Email Briefing
  • Notamify API access
  • Priority support
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Ideal for Flight Dispatchers, Pilots and API users

What’s included
  • Unlimited Notamify Briefings Tailored to Airline needs
  • Scheduled Email Briefing
  • 100 Notamify API calls / month
  • High priority support
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